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Isuzu Bellett GT


Dated-November 2017

A piece of Finnish rally history for sale. A rare Isuzu Bellett GT 1969 with a very rare 1600cc over 120 hp type R twincam engine and top speed 200km/h. Can be tuned to 150 hp by those high compression pistons seen in photos. Rallied from new for example in Thousand Lakes Rally in Jyväskylä 1969. Last rally in 1978. This car has been totally rebuild without any expense spared. Tuned camshafts. Bilstein rally shock absorbers. Limited slip differential included. The car is in Finnish museum register and it has the FIA Historic Technical Passport (HTP), but it has gone old and you have to get new and then you can rally or race it worldwide if you want. This car has been chosen as the most beautiful car in Thousand Lakes Historic Rally happening and also “The Isuzu of the year” by Isuzu Owners´ Club Finland. In the photos it is with 1969 Thousand Lakes Rally stickers. Where can you find a car like this with 37000 euros?? Or make an offer.


Antti Pellonpää