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It’s not all about London commercial property – other regions and sectors present opportunities

Dated-November 2016

The UK remains the world’s second-largest real estate market,offering international and home-grown investors a plethora of property, across sectors, to invest in. These opportunities are not limited to commercial real estate in the heart of London. Changing tenant demand in London, increasing consumer demand for swiftly delivered goods and the undersupply of beds all present opportunities to see significant returns.

First, the ripple effect from ‘core’ London presents the opportunity to invest in property on the periphery of the capital and indeed in other major UK cities. We are beginning to see a ripple effect of tenants moving away from London, in response to them expecting rents to rise.

That said, with the current post-Brexit environment, there may be less expectation that rents will rise - hence this activity may be less frequent. This presents opportunities to develop high-quality office space in the UK’s other cities, such as Birmingham and Manchester, to meet demand. Investors can take advantage of the future upswing in office rents that we expect to see in these locations.